The Holy Trinity – Three In One: Unveiling God’s Presence In The Bible

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God is an enigma that, for many people, can either be very easy or very difficult to process. The fact that we are expected to acknowledge that there are actually three persons in the same God can, and is, mind-boggling to both non-believers and believers. Rest assured, even to devout Christians, this concept does not come naturally and can take some interpreting from the scriptures. However, the truth remains that there is sufficient evidence in the Bible that the Trinity does in fact exist.

In The Holy Trinity- Three in One: Unveiling God’s Presence in the Bible, Tommy C. Seay, Sr., has combined three volumes of his work on the holy trinity into one solid piece of evidence, based on passages and events that are recorded in God’s Word to us. The Bible was given to us all by God with the purpose of studying it to learn more about Him until he comes back once more for Judgement Day, to take the believers back to their true home. The Bible does not contradict itself, but yes, you will have to take some of its events in light of the ancient traditions, customs, and way of life in the past to fully understand them; many people get confused because they were interpreting the events and actions based on our current era, when our way of thinking and living would have been completely foreign to the time of the writings. Other factors that would sway our understanding of the scriptures include the different translations over the years and the origin of the words they contain, such as how to understand the text in the original languages they were written in, Hebrew or Greek.

Seay begins in his first two sections of the book describing God through the aid of various passages, specifically how he is referred to as an “Angel.” The ways God revealed himself to the people in the past, usually as the “Angel of the Lord,” and the “duties” or characters of angels are discussed. With passages referenced from the King James version, they may differ slightly in their exact wordage from newer translations, but the overall point of the passage will/should not have changed. Seay continues to explain the passages that show the truth of Jesus Christ, which some people dismiss, and how God came and presented himself through the second Person of the Trinity, in the human form in the eyes of men such as Abraham and Lot in Genesis. The study of literally amazing people should be high on people’s to-do list, and Seay makes the study process that much easier through his research and presentation.

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Publisher Xlibris Publishing Company
Publish Date 2019-08-22
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Issue January 2020
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