The Guns of Revenge: A Western Inferno

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The Guns of Revenge is an odd Western revenge story. Set in Texas, it centers on Frank McCord, a young boy whose family is killed before his eyes by Jake, the son of a slave catcher, and as rough as they come. Additionally, Frank lost the testicle he called Bobby, now only left with Billy. Frank has ongoing internal dialog throughout the story, and Billy and Bobby come up often as a metaphor for the family he misses (I assume it’s a metaphor—otherwise Frank just thinks about his testicles a lot.)

After Frank recovers from the massacre and his maiming, he runs into Jake again. This time, Jake is with his father, Bertram, and his father’s posse. They’re looking for escaped slaves in the area, and Frank is outed as having been a surviving witness to Jake’s murders. Frank escapes again, this time leaving town and heading out into the wilderness for safety and is eventually rescued from exposure by the aforementioned escaped slaves. As might be expected, Jake and company soon appear, leaving Frank to flee again and nurse new reasons for revenge against them.

The Guns of Revenge isn’t a standard Western. It’s not quite a parody in the Blazing Saddles sense, yet that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Guns is entertaining, well-written, and fun to read. But it isn’t that traditional style Western that some readers may expect and may disappoint or surprise some. It’s also short and quick-to-read, and the characters that live long enough to get to know are interesting and have depth.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 302 pages
Publisher Independently Published
Publish Date 18-Jun-2018
ISBN 9781983206139 Buy this Book
Issue June 2018
Category Historical Fiction


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