The Greatest Good

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When making decisions, there are so many things to consider. But when the measurement of the outcomes is based on the numbers affected, law enforcement must take into consideration which decision will do the greatest good. This life lesson is one that Garrison Chase takes to heart, even when it is not popular, which could explain why he has been on paid leave for a year and is facing the idea of not seeing his small son ever again. With a court date coming to determine his parenting rights and a trial job as the governor’s son’s bodyguard helping his court case, Chase hopes things are looking up. However, an intruder, a chase down a public street carrying a gun, and an arrest sets into motion a whole string of events that do not make him look good. He has to clear his name, remove the threat on his life, save his charge, and find out the truth before the court date, and he basically has the weekend to do it.

Hooper’s debut novel is a twisted story that keeps readers guessing back and forth. It is James Patterson or John Grisham lite, with quick chapters and witty dialogue. Some of the key action in the tale is told through stories shared among colleagues, which might lessen their impact though not the overall excitement of the book. The characters are easily liked or disliked as intended by the author, but the mastery is in the author’s ability to make readers like and dislike the same character several times over the course of the book. As the relationships in the book are not the focus but a nice side effect of the story, it will appeal to readers who are looking for action with a side of romance. This is an author to follow, as his writing style is sure to just get better.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 379 pages
Publisher Endeavour Press
Publish Date 2018-Mar-09
ISBN 9780306201800 Buy this Book
Issue March 2018
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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