The Flight of the Schimmerplotz

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The Flight of the Schimmerplotz by Charles A. Salter, the first book in the Alias Brains and Brawn series, does a really great job of grounding the reader in a familiar setting, and with all the outlandish stuff that happens in this book, it’s necessary, as the reader is taken for a ride like no other.

Agent Jack Rigalto feels like he’s got it all: a loving wife, a wonderful daughter, a great house, and a good friend in Brex Herndon, who happens to be the smartest person on the planet and works out of a secret bunker base underneath Jack’s house. He just happens to be a very well-paid bodyguard, alias Mr. Brawn, for Brex, alias Dr. Brains. They both work for a new elite government agency, the United States Space Force, within the secret Cosmic Intelligence Group. Brex never seems to be surprised by anything because, as I said, he’s the smartest guy on the planet, and Jack just does his best to figure out what’s going on (which means he’s always playing catch-up) and keep the doctor safe.

On a sunny day when the two friends are hanging out at a park in New York City with Jack’s daughter, Little Sara, they see their first Schimmerplotz: a window opening in ordinary daylight that leads to a different point in time and place. They find themselves sucked into a brief upheaval in this alternate world and just manage to escape. Dr. Brains isn’t shocked, because he has predicted the existence of the Schimmerplotz and what it all means, for them, for the United States, and for the rest of the world. After a thwarted attack back home, the dynamic duo begins to investigate and find themselves drawn into a new Schimmerplotz and taken to ancient Mesopotamia, only this time they come prepared.

The great thing about The Flight of the Schimmerplotz is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Establishing a jokey nature right from the beginning, Salter paves the way for the outlandish events that occur in the book to be acceptable and keep the reader glued to the story. Crazy stuff happens, but the reader is fully invested from the beginning and wants to find out what the characters get up to. The confidence of Dr. Brains and Mr. Brawn makes it almost feel like a superhero story where the reader is pretty sure they’ll survive just fine, but it’s never going to be easy. The Flight of the Schimmerplotz is an amusing, fun romp that is anything but predictable, and an exciting first book in what looks to be a very entertaining series.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 210 pages
Publisher Dingbat
Publish Date 2021-Dec-22
ISBN 9798586045812 Buy this Book
Issue March 2021
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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