The Enchanter Heir (Heir Chronicles, The) (The Heir Chronicles)

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The fourth book in the series, The Enchanter Heir begins with a tragedy: someone poisons the community of Thorn Hill, leaving hundreds of magically gifted people dead and a handful of magically gifted people changed forever. In an event to house the survivors and utilize their strange magical gifts, The Anchorage is established, a school that is part high school, part secret headquarters for a shade killing group called Nightshade and part music promotional studio. Jonah is one of the Anchorage’s star students, exceling in shade killing and music production. A Thorn Hill survivor, Jonah is left with the empathetic gifts of an enchanter and the deadly killing prowess of a warrior.

After her grandfather is mysteriously killed and she discovers she is gifted, Emma escapes from Memphis and eventually finds herself as a new student at The Anchorage. Her passion for music, her mysterious talents and her infatuation with Jonah keeps the pages turning fast. A fan of this series will be disappointed: major characters from the past three books have very minor roles in this new installment. This book has the ability to stand alone from the series, producing a very satisfying read for those new to the collection but leaving long time readers wanting much more..

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 464 pages
Publisher Disney-Hyperion
Publish Date 2013-Oct-01
ISBN 9781423144342 Buy this Book
Issue January 2014
Category Young Adult


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