The Emperor Card (The Tarot Mysteries)

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Xana Bard is cooling off at home with a glass of iced tea when she steps out onto her deck to find the dead body of a man. Right away she knows that she’ll be a suspect, especially when the man turns out to be her father who she hasn’t seen in several years. When her siblings arrive, she has to find a way to break the news to them while asking for their help. A road trip with her friends, DeLeon Davis and Thorne Ardall, gets her closer to solving the case, but can she find answers before the killer strikes again?

Every character is seen from Xana’s perspective only, so not a lot of time is spent with them, but the descriptions are vivid and delightful, with each containing distinct voices and charisma. The humor is quirky, light, and well-fitted to the cozy mystery genre. The bad guys are a bit stereotypical, but the reasoning is valid, and the twists along the way keep the mystery interesting. With charm and emotion, The Emperor Card is a character-driven mystery that’s perfect for any fan of cozy mysteries.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 292 pages
Publisher Electra Enterprises of San Francisco
Publish Date 2017-Jul-01
ISBN 9780996942546 Buy this Book
Issue July 2017
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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