The Election

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Blake Buchanan, a family man and Texas senator, is the underdog in the governor’s race. The Republican party is not on board with his almost-liberal politics, donors aren’t supporting his campaign, and his marriage is in hot water.

On the other hand, his opponent and party-mate, Grace Striker, is killing the game. She’s popular, cut-throat, and underhanded, with an insatiable appetite for young men. Stricker’s eyes aren’t just on the governor’s seat; she wants the Oval Office, and she will stop at nothing to get it.

Both Striker and Buchanan have crafty campaign managers who will do whatever it takes to get them elected.
Buchanan bumps into his former girlfriend, Cat Alexander— “the one that got away”—at one of his campaign parties; Striker gets caught in a lie, and the scandal begins….

I would recommend this book to any reader who enjoys political scandal and steamy love scenes that offer just enough detail. Landon Wallace does a remarkable job of helping the reader understand political ins and outs. The story is not clouded by complicated political jargon. I also like that Wallace listed each candidates’ campaign team early in the book—this helps to clear up any confusion about who’s who.

Wallace takes the reader on a journey into Buchanan’s dilemmas, which become his defining moments. Every good man has his vices and pitfalls—Buchanan is no different. He wrestles with his mistakes, and this is when his humanity truly shines; we see the duality of man—good and evil—that every human grapples with; what will Buchanan choose? The governorship? Ms. Alexander? Or his wife and daughters?

My only concern is that I want more! The ending doesn’t satisfy my need for closure; however, it leaves room for a sequel. Hopefully, Wallace is writing it as I pen.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 324 pages
Publisher Trinity River Press
Publish Date 2018-Feb-09
ISBN 9780986173196 Buy this Book
Issue August 2018
Category Romance


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