The Eden Evacuation: The Greatest Art Forgery Ever Dreamed

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Adam and Gina are a young couple embarking on a trip to Italy. The pair intend to visit the historical sites and museums and take in the beauty of Rome and Vatican City. Unbeknownst to Gina, Adam is preparing to propose to her while they absorb the ancient and romantic aspects of Italy. However, nothing seems to be according to plan, and the ring remains firmly in Adam’s pocket. The vacation continues with a trip to the Vatican Museum where the various works of art portray pitched battles between good and evil and soul searching. Gina is more attuned to the significance of the various works and the divine meaning of more than a few.

Adam is frustrated at the failed proposal attempt, but consternation turns to alarm when Gina disappears after a secondary visit to the Vatican Museum. Adam reaches out to local law enforcement who are very cavalier in their reaction to the missing persons report. Confusion and anger begin to build inside Adam. The last message he received from Gina was while she was in the museum, but from there, the trail went cold. In desperation, Adam reaches out to an old friend who is tech-savvy. The friend’s discovery of Gina’s last noted location and how Adam is under surveillance renders Adam disturbed.

The decision to travel back to the States and inform Gina’s parents proves uncomfortable at best. Her parents are wary of Adam’s story but eventually view Adam as an emotionally wounded soul eager to locate their daughter. The key to unraveling the mystery may prove as enigmatic as the meanings of the works of art Adam and Gina had recently explored.

The Eden Evacuation” is a mystery-drama that recalls the paranoid vibes of movies like “Frantic” and “The Vanishing”. The memorable experience that Adam had set out for with his soon-to-be fiance has quickly turned into constant torment where hope dissolves into despair. The sympathy for Adam’s plight forms a large part of the emotional element in the story along with the answer to Gina’s whereabouts. A lack of response from law enforcement and their skepticism toward Adam only fuels his indignation and distrust. Adam’s love for Gina and his desire to build a future with her stiffen his resolve to locate her. Author Jarek Tomszak has written an entertaining, fast-paced, and often gut-wrenching novella that will leave the reader transfixed. This is a first-rate thriller exploring aspects of love, art, and religion.

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Author Jarek Tomszak
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 155 pages
Publisher Austin Macauley Publishers
Publish Date 28-Mar-2024
ISBN 9798891550100 Buy this Book
Issue June 2024
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller