The Danger of Destiny: A Mystwalker Novel

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Had I followed Leigh Evans’ Mystwalker series from the beginning, I wouldn’t have found it so difficult to get through The Danger of Destiny, the fourth book in a series. Evans’ fresh take on mythical fantasy, combined with steamy romance, makes for an adventurous experience, however much of the adventure doesn’t really give enough context for the new reader.

The series involves Hedi Peacock, a woman who is half-fairy, half-werewolf. By day, she can wield magic, but by the full moon, she transforms into a bloodthirsty beast. The novel is action-packed. Hedi travels with her lover, and werewolf pack leader, Robson Trowbridge, to free her brother from an evil wizard. When they’re separated, Hedi transforms into a werewolf one night, and gets caught in a trap. Some of what happens to Hedi on her journey happens through dreams and visions, and it’s difficult to discern what is really happening and what is all in Hedi’s head.

For as action-packed as the book is, I would have appreciated more context from the previous novels, whether through dialogue, or through Hedi’s internal monologue. The novel is written from Hedi’s point of view, so there were plenty of opportunities.

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Star Count 3/5
Format Mass
Page Count 432 pages
Publisher St. Martin's Paperbacks
Publish Date 2015-Mar-03
ISBN 9781250035110 Buy this Book
Issue June 2015
Category Romance


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