The Cuban Gambit: A Historical Political Saga (ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF WAR Book 3)

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The Cuban Gambit, written by Jay Perin, is the third historical thriller in the one hundred years of war series that chronicled the continuation of the sagas via one courageously tenacious woman who sought to fight three massive oil companies, which placed her life in a precarious situation with various political parties and the oil industry.

Senator Temple devoted countless hours and financial means to secure his role as president of the United States during the 1980s. Furthermore, Temple won the presidency and had gained complete control of the three families who control the oil refineries in the world and are the hidden forces behind several global events. The familial ties within the oil industry are impressively detailed. The narrative provides context, and historical details to accompany the advancement of the multifaceted predicaments Temple placed Lilah within when he entrusted her to manage and mitigate communications among the three most powerful families within the oil industry. At the same time, he attempted to address a sizeable nuclear crisis in Russia and the collapse of America’s European alliances.

Author Perin’s particular writing style supported the many page-turning narrative shifts throughout the novel ranging from bygone decades and unique dialogues. It juxtaposed perceptions, which provide the readers with an extensive view of the characters’ inner voices and personality traits, providing actual depth to the rapid pace of the story. Moreover, Perin’s writing offers the readers food for thought via a vibrantly fictitious thriller that surreptitiously shines a light on the issues present in globalism, the oil industry, and world leadership via a thrilling novel to those who choose to read between the lines.

Those who read the prior two novels in the one hundred years of war series will remember Lilah, her character developed into a promising lead. When the narrative chronicled her experiences, the writing becomes demonstrably more compelling with intricately placed caveats that divulge the traumatic experiences that built her psyche and made her the woman to face the wrath of clandestine business people with the ability to affect global events.

The Cuban Gambit is an excellent addition to the modern library of action thrillers and a testament to the subtle power of femininity, which was vicariously portrayed through Lilah as beautiful, flawed, traumatized, resilient, and vital. Undoubtedly, the novel will entertain, inspire, and leave readers hoping for a fourth book in the One Hundred Years of War Series that will chronicle the continuation of the sagas!

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 562 pages
Publisher East River Books
Publish Date 03-May-2022
ISBN 9781736468043 Buy this Book
Issue May 2022
Category Historical Fiction