The Coordinate

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Marc Jacobs’ novel, The Coordinate, will not disappoint your high expectations. With action and unsuspecting twists throughout the story, you’ll be viewing the wonders of the world in a completely different way than before and will be reevaluating your thoughts about the state of our current world. The start of a new adventure series, The Coordinate introduces us to our soon-to-be favorite characters: Emma James and Logan West.
Emma and Logan are two average high school teenagers. Logan lives with a loving single mother who works nonstop to make ends meet, and he is brighter than most kids. Emma lives in a well-to-do home with her parents who try to map out her whole future and is equally as bright as Logan. Having been childhood friends who fell out of touch over the years, they are brought back together when they are paired in a group history project assigned on mysterious monuments placed around the world.
After some initial research on their topic of the Copán temple, it becomes clear to them both that to find the information they need, it will require a bit more effort than a student would think is needed for a school project. Logan and Emma will learn more about themselves, what they are capable of achieving, and about the impact of their actions. With uncertainty weighing so heavily upon their every move, they will have to pull out every trick in the book to succeed in their plan, while looking to the stars to accomplish their goal.

Jacobs’ writing reads very similarly to that of Dan Brown and Robin Cook. For them all, I find it impressive how they can take a well-known subject and add their creative flair to it to make everything flow smoothly and come out with a story that keeps you guessing while you read. By making the topic largely political and military in nature, I felt like I learned new information in every chapter. At times it felt like the fact that these two high school seniors were accomplishing so much maybe seemed a little far-fetched, but then I think of the amazing things that children have invented, and I realize maybe I am just jealous. The two characters seemed so down-to-earth, and the love story in the narrative was just enough to make it believable and cute. I look forward to reading the sequel to Emma and Logan’s adventures.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 120 pages
Publisher Marc Jacobs
Publish Date 2019-07-01
ISBN 9780322201000 Buy this Book
Issue Mar-19
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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