The Book of Amazing Trees

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Youngsters see trees all around them every day, but it’s very likely they don’t know much about trees. This wonderful picture book is not for the youngest children, but for younger elementary school (grades two to four) children. The book is jam-packed with information that is well presented and accessible for that age.

There are such a wide variety of trees included that it is hard to believe so much information about them can be packed into a book of only 64 pages, but readers will learn what defines a tree, what the major groupings are and how they differ, what products can be produced from trees, what creatures live in trees, how they grow, how they help to clean our air, and so much more. The spread on record-breaking trees will amaze readers and have them scrabbling for more information. Is there really a tree that produces fruit that can weigh 55 pounds or a tree that has a trunk 80 feet around? There are.

The writing is conversational and easy to read. The illustrations are stunningly beautiful and nearly photographic in their detail, but they have the richness that only illustration can have. This is a winner!

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 72 pages
Publisher Princeton Architectural Press
Publish Date 14-Sep-2021
ISBN 9781616899714 Buy this Book
Issue October 2021
Category Children's