The Blind Mule

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Mark Porter is a prestigious San Diego criminal defense attorney with a specialty in defending blind mules—”the truly innocent victims who cross into the United States not knowing of the presence of drugs hidden in their cars.” Proving a victim’s innocence goes contrary to the hardened modus operandi of the US government. As a result, money-hungry prosecutors are not happy with Mark. Regardless, Mark’s popularity is gaining attention with more and more clientele calling daily. To help free up his overworked schedule, as well as spend time with Camila, the love of his life, Mark apprentices new lawyer Jason Spurlock. En route to visit Camila in Colombia, Mark leaves his car in Mexico for a paint job. But, returning home—entering the Mexican-US border—Mark is arrested for possession of cocaine. Now a blind mule and desperately needing to prove his innocence, Mark is unaware that plans are in the works for his demise.

Criminal Defense Attorney and first-time author Russell S. Babcock scripts a fascinating story that is more real than fiction. Centered on Mark Porter, his featured character, Babcock’s third-person narrative reflects an episode of Law and Order, but so much better because, unlike most TV shows, Babcock has worked diligently to make the legal procedure in his plot “as accurate as possible.” Amid a full cast (court case and otherwise), Babcock cleverly and aptly includes a slew of governmental data and standards pertaining to the Southern District of California (“the central command post for the United States government’s ‘war on drugs'”) while meticulously describing the blow-by-blow process of Mark’s case. Process examples include arraignment, bail hearing, and plea bargain (to achieve resolution without a trial), to name a few.

Although much of Babcock’s debut is taken up with investigations into Mark’s case and all of the court proceedings leading up to, and including, his final trial, Babcock keeps his plot moving and interesting by incorporating scenes that focus on Mark’s relationships with his father and Camila; light bantering (especially with Steve Roberts, Mark’s snarky inspector friend); and the devious machinations of high-level prosecutors. Collectively building up to an incredible unexpected ending, The Blind Mule is nothing less than a riveting, eye-opening, and fast-paced read that is guaranteed to become a best seller.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 366 pages
Publisher Picante Press
Publish Date 25-Jun-2015
ISBN 9780985621599 Buy this Book
Issue January 2016
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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