The Arts of Legerdemain as Taught by Ghosts

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An ex-con ex-stage magician struggles to break free of his past and save up enough to reach family in New Zealand.

The Arts of Legerdemain as Taught by Ghosts is the story of Steve Kozwa. Haunted by a past lover and mistakes, Steve stumbles into a bit of luck after his release from prison. A local bakery owner takes him in and gives him a job. Saving up for his trip to reunite with his sister in New Zealand, forward progress is slow, until his world is rocked to its foundations. A carnival featuring the love of his life, Fox Fellows, rolls into town. As Steve connects with the bakery daughter’s owner and attempts to help the bakery owner through his own grief, fate pushes Steve into Fox and an increasingly dangerous situation.

The Arts of Legerdemain as Taught by Ghosts is an incredibly well-polished character study of the ghosts that haunt us. Be it a former lover, the loss of a loved one, or an uncertain future, each of the characters in the story grapple with an invisible presence that threatens to uproot their lives. Unfortunately, each will give in and let the ghosts loose. What each does to recapture or release the ghosts is where the story shines. Steve returns to Fox, the bakery owner succumbs to grief, the bakery owner’s daughter chooses her future over her family, and Fox throws everything she can into becoming famous. All of their arcs is well-written and fascinating to follow. The story is a simple one but spirals outward beautifully as various characters cope with the vagaries of life. Haunting, witty, romantic, magical. The Arts of Legerdemain as Taught by Ghosts presents a heart-wrenching magic show with flawed people staggering under the weight of all life can throw at them.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 334 pages
Publisher Belle Lutte Press
Publish Date 2016-Dec-01
ISBN 9780997326031 Buy this Book
Issue February 2017
Category Modern Literature


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