The Art Of Troubleshooting

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From circuit-boards to toasters, our world is increasingly integrated with machines, and when this symbiotic relationship breaks down, it can go from wonderful to infuriating. The Art of Troubleshooting by Jason Maxham is a stripped-down guide aimed at resolving this problem, and helping readers learn how to get machines working when they break down. Don’t let the cover fool you: The Art of Troubleshooting might look plain, but could be incredibly helpful.

The Art of Troubleshooting argues troubleshooting can be learned and should be cultivated as a skill. The author’s goal in this book is to offer “Practical strategies that will help you fix anything from a toaster to a nuclear reactor.”

The information provided in this book is varied: from human psychology to what to do in the aftermath of troubleshooting. The author is extremely positive and supportive in the reader’s journey to become a better troubleshooter, stressing that troubleshooting is a mindset that involves building awareness and creating successful strategies. He gives a sketch of several strategies and includes a discussion on what makes a good troubleshooter. He has an enjoyable, easy-to-follow style, which is nice when some of the discussions get heavy and tables of subsystems are involved. There’s even some carry-over on the principles for creative-types, such as knowing what “tools” you have and knowing when to use them.

This is definitely a book that gets you to think about how you do things, and to be more conscious about the systems you implement when attacking a problem, be that problem a rocket or a rocking chair. If readers are looking for a book that extrapolates troubleshooting across various fields and industries, or even if they only have a passing interest in the topic, this is a great book to refer to.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 356 pages
Publisher Jason Maxham
Publish Date 08-May-2014
ISBN 9781497522152 Buy this Book
Issue October 2014
Category Technology


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