The Ark’s Cargo: For the Love of Animals

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Ark’s Cargois a very in-depth and dear portrayal of a veterinarian’s route in achieving the peak of his animal dreams. This memoir and quasi travelogue is full of professional anecdotes and personal bonding experiences coupled with household responsibility and self-realization. Dr. Buisch pays extremely close attention to spirituality and expresses again and again his thankfulness to God because “you can be assured that amazing things can and will be accomplished” as such is the case of his heartwarming book and noble cause. Readers are privy to an array of intimate moments with the author, such as his education pathways, jobs post-veterinary school, unusual but fascinating career trainings henceforward, his marriage proposal and wedding, and ultimately, his assortment of global work assignments (some including his family unit and other successes shared alone).

Filled with zealous travel information and landmark history, Ark’s Cargo is rich with industry details, for example, about livestock, disease eradication programs, semen collection and quarantine stations, testing and health inspections, laboratory protocols and support, and more. We even explore life on a cargo ship as a fellow crew member escorting cattle across the North Atlantic, which renders the “scene from the biblical story of the flood that came shortly after Noah finished the building of his ark” and thus, marks the vast significance and weight of this ambitious title and the meaningful sequence of events. Most certainly a charming snapshot of the fruition of a creature-loving, fun-loving, adventure-seeking and policy-driven individual with a memorable journey to match, Dr. Buisch has the grasp of what it takes to measure and optimize performance in such a demanding and hands-on field, especially cultivating the personality and emotional response to contest with it.

Though Buisch remains modest and casual in his dialogue, with a great balance of technical language and the easy-to-read, he does not lose erudition for the sake of a showy culture. Ark’s Cargo is truly instructive and educational about veterinary passion and scientific task implementation, worship and duty, more so, the responsibility and exposure to “preserve the multitude of resources God has given us to enjoy” by honoring the rescue and recovery of animal inhabitants in its different milieus.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 392 pages
Publisher Trafford Publishing
Publish Date 25-Jan-2013
ISBN 9781466977709 Buy this Book
Issue January 2014
Category Science & Nature


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