The Address Book: What Street Addresses Reveal About Identity, Race, Wealth, and Power

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The Address Book includes references to history and the present day to help us to understand the reasoning behind street names. Deidre Mask researches this topic through locations around the world to explain the power that a proper street address will provide to people. Based on historical events, a “legal” street address (one that is observed by the government) will allow a person many privileges that a person living in the slums will not receive. Mask breaks the book down into the categories of development, origins, politics, race, and class and status. Under each heading, the author explores the topic through a different city around the world.

The information that Mask presents is informative and worthwhile. If you have any interest in history throughout the years, you will enjoy this book. For many people, merely reading a street sign may come across as a simple task that should receive no further attention. But when you read about the suffering, turmoil, and all-around discomfort that street names have caused an unknown amount of people, the act of reading a street sign might become more significant. Whether you’re in the business of buying, selling, or researching homes, understanding the origins of street names will be of tremendous help.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 326 pages
Publish Date 2020-04-14
ISBN 9781250134769 Buy this Book
Issue July 2020
Category History


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