The 100 Greatest Superhero Films and TV Shows

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Superheroes have become an integral part of people’s lives, and it’s easy to see why – they embody strength, bravery, loyalty, and hope for many people. These attributes were shown initially through writing and pictures in the form of comics and then evolved to the big screen of television to reach the masses. Zachary Ingle and David Sutera understand and appreciate this and have compiled a collection of The 100 Greatest Superhero Films and TV Shows. The shows aren’t numbered for order but are in alphabetical order in a continuous flow that begins with the title and filmography, followed by a short synopsis, commentary, and picture.

The amount of work these men put into this project is impressive, and I’m sure it is deeply appreciated by many and will be used for much debating and learning. The term “superhero” encompasses a wide audience of do-gooders, much wider than I initially thought. I enjoyed learning about each film as well as any historical context that was included as a bit of “extra.” This book flows smoothly, is written for the people, and its purpose is obvious – so good for so many purposes.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 328 pages
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publish Date 15-Feb-2022
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Issue May 2022
Category Pop Culture