Ten Thousand Rocks

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Ten Thousand Rocks is a wonderful story about a man named Will and the obstacles he has to overcome in his life. As a middle schooler, he meets Laura, the only girl who will talk to him at lunch. Little does he know that Laura will one day become his wife. Will becomes a doctor but soon discovers that he is tired of filling out insurance forms and dealing with the paperwork side of his job so he quits. This creates a rough patch between Will and Laura because he does not tell her before he quits and accepts another job at another company. On top of Will not telling Laura, he also fails to disclose that they would need to pack up and move in order for him to work for the new company. Despite Laura’s irritation at Will, she gives in and they move. Will’s new job is that he must accept or deny medical procedures requested by doctors. He finds that he will get a higher bonus the more procedures he denies. Will likes the fact that he is making more and more money and makes another frivolous decision without Laura. He goes to the Porsche dealership and buys himself a fancy new sports car. The pinnacle of the story is when Will is in a major accident and this part of the story becomes related to his job. When in the hospital, Will seems to become a completely different person.

Ten Thousand Rocks is written well and the characters are very closely intertwined into the story. I really liked Laura’s character because she was patient and kind even though Will could really be a jerk to her at times. The name of the book comes from the story that the old man tells Will at the beach early on in the story and this parable is something that Will always remembers. I really liked the way the author connected Will’s accident with a part earlier in the story because it showed that the choices we make, even though it may seem like it doesn’t affect us directly, could come back to bite us. One thing about the story I would have changed would be to have the ending chapters a bit longer. I felt like the epilogue jumped too far in the future and would have liked to know a little bit more about what happened in between.

Overall, Ten Thousand Rocks is a book that will make you think about life, its choices, and the important things that surround you each day.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 211 pages
Publisher Ndirangu Githaiga
Publish Date 28-May-2021
ISBN 9781735041728
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Issue May 2021
Category Modern Literature