Teachings on Being: The Holy Book of Religious Leaders, Followers, and Non-Believers

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Teachings on Being is a collection of sayings, reflections, and poetry that covers a multitude of topics. Bound together by a thematic undercurrent on world peace and unity, Tapu’s debut book is a profound vehicle for deep introspection on humanity.

Psychologist and author Codrin Stefan Tapu provides a provocative lifestyle perspective for people of all backgrounds. Tapu opens his collection with an explanation of New Faith. Creator of this unique topic, Tapu draws attention to two important issues — the great ills of the world that are destroying humanity and spirituality, and the power of change when people choose to work together in one accord. That said, Tapu’s use of combining the first person “we” point of view with encouraging imperative statements quickly captures the collective thought of his readers to acknowledge “that we are all equal, different but together, honoring the traditions of our parents and ancestors.”

Grouped into various topics, Tapu’s writing reflects a wide range of well-known philosophers, but all penned in simple Gandhi-like/Jesus-like aphorisms. A good example is Tapu’s statement on loving oneself: “If you don’t love yourself truly, if you don’t trust in your personal value, you are nothing.” While not deeply philosophical, Tapu’s approach is to reach the masses, not just lovers of intellectual reasoning. Tapu’s topics cover common aspects of life (suffering, relationships, death, and unity, to name a few). Yet one topic that stands out the most, for this reviewer, is the high esteem Tapu places on the role of women and their essential peacemaking contribution to humanity.

Amid Tapu’s thought-provoking snippets, he shares his personal experiences and lessons learned from the death of his mother and son. Toward the end of his book, Tapu includes a conversation between himself and an unbeliever, simply entitled “Codrin talks God with an unbeliever.” Designed more like an interview, the discourse raises the usual concepts of materialism and the existence of God as the absolute. Intended NOT to proselytize one over the other and left open ended, the conversation is an example of how two people of diverse thought can positively engage in a discussion about a commonly heated topic.

For readers who are looking for deep intellectual reflection, do not be quick to turn away from Tapu’s self-help manual. It is a great read from beginning to end and comes highly recommended.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 24 pages
Publisher Lulu
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ISBN 9781304051943
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Issue June 2015
Category Spirituality & Inspiration


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