Tales of Inner Asia

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Tales of Inner Asia by Todd A Gibson features two interesting stories set against the backdrop of an Asia that is unknown to many modern travelers, an exotic world of adventure and discovery. A wounded seeker sets out to locate a place that holds the secret to his well being and the promise of a beautiful future. Will he succeed in locating this secret place and will he be able to survive his physical wound before he gets the chance to find the place? In the second story, a soldier sets out to fulfill an old prophecy, but there are obstacles on his way and he has to overcome them, but also encounters dubious characters and must learn to choose his allies wisely and play the right cards in a world where evil and goodness coexist. Will he succeed in fulfilling the prophecy or could it be it’s even not true? With his lyrical style, Gibson paints an impressive tapestry of values of friendship, love, and the faith of a people rarely remembered in association with Asia, a beautiful culture lost in history. He writes with confidence and as one reads the stories, this confidence draws him into the story and suffocates him with its mirth. The stories are sprinkled with terrific descriptions of places and the occasional use of the local dialects makes them more powerful and convincing to readers. It is also interesting to see how the author combines cultural values and the traditional wisdom of the Tibetan traditions to create an alluring setting for these beautiful tales. The characters are well developed and they are drawn from a wide cast, including sorcerers, sages, soldiers, courtiers, and a lot more. The author has the knack for creating witty and intelligent dialogue that is both entertaining and plot-driven. Tales of Inner Asia is one of the books that will entertain and inspire readers.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 422 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 09-Jun-2011
ISBN 9780615478098
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Issue June 2016
Category Historical Fiction


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