Sweet Dreamers

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With mesmerizing contours, hypnotic colors, and mystically magical nighttime scenes, this author invites the reader to share the drowsy dreams of slumbering creatures of this world. In a magnificent tableau of what appears to be dainty calligraphic pen strokes and curlicues emphasizing nocturnal hues, the figures of the languid creatures become the main focus. So many animals dozing away, each has a short verbal portrayal disclosing a tiny fact. While the verbiage is concise, the words come across as a knowledgeable whisper while the reader gazes at these languorous dreamers. All are blanketed in their proper sleeping surroundings, and the visual colors and textures illuminate their character. The sleek humpback whale dives into sleep while surrounded by plankton. An ant with its ocellated eye slips into and out of sleep intermittently, while the rabbit within its burrow feels snug in its dug-out tunnel. Bewitching orange squiggles highlight the green frog in its dark dank background, red streaks mark the robin’s balled feathers against a blue-black setting, while the graceful giraffe sketched in a medley of white and yellow, orange, brown-furred delicate stroked hues snoozes beneath an acacia tree. So many creatures dreaming away from lonely horses, to dolphins, and even fireflies among the many that are so gloriously and sublimely illustrated here. Invite the youngster into this beauteously drawn story of the myriad living creatures and their dream world while the listener magically joins them while drifting off into tranquil slumber.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 80 pages
Publisher Eerdmans
Publish Date 16-Apr-2019
ISBN 9780802855176
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Issue July 2019
Category Children's


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