Strong Vengeance: A Caitlin Strong Novel

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Caitlin Strong, the fiery fifth-generation Texas Ranger, is back and ready to wrangle in a cord of history, along with the murder mystery upon an oil-rig linked to the Mother Mary, a sunken slave ship wreckage from 1818. The Texas heroine is in full form as she takes on more than the eye meets. By way of the murder case of the ship’s crew she is laced into a “homegrown terrorist attack” cultivated by an American cleric. And then there are the boys, the sons of the outlaw Cort Wesley Masters, the man whom she put away and then fell in love with. The boys she has taken into her custodial care, and eventually into a space in her heart and life that she had not planned to fill.

Resigned to a desk after a high school hostage situation forces her to realize her emotional state has been altered by the teenagers she is caring for, she never loses her Ranger instincts nor her passion for the hunt. Caitlin Strong won’t be held down for long. Especially when she is the best hand there is to solve a case so convoluted.

The fourth book in the Caitlin Strong series, Strong Vengeance, is a solid addition. Readers of the series will appreciate the action-packed plot and strong, no pun, character development. When I first chose this book to review, because of the thriller/mystery genre and gripping synopsis, I was unaware that it was a series. Had I been familiar with the prior installments I am quite positive that the reading would have been smoother waters, allowing me to jump right in and not warm up first. However, the solid story line carries itself and the complex, yet welcoming, characters allow for a first-time Caitlin Strong “fan to-be” to follow along with focused reading. This is an action-oriented read, one that will have long-time fans cheering for Strong’s comeback and new realizations, and one that will undoubtedly make for a deeper following for the newly introduced.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher Forge
Publish Date 17-Jul-2012
ISBN 9780765330994 Buy this Book
Issue August 2012
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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