Stiff Arm Steal

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Miami Jones is a private investigator who runs a partnership in southern Florida. He is a former ballplayer who was good but just missed out on making the big time. His investigative prowess is sought out by a retired ballplayer named BJ Baker. Baker has just had his Heisman Trophy stolen from his mansion. Baker wants Jones to do his job, but in a way more to Baker’s liking. Jones would rather spend his day on more worthwhile pursuits, such as having a drink or two with his partner or focusing on romantic pursuits with Deputy Danielle. A second trophy is soon stolen in a relative proximity to the first theft, and the questions become nagging. Jones is intrigued by the thefts, but the suspect list seems infinite. The second theft involves the Heisman of a recently departed man whose son-in-law fits the mold of sleaze in every facet. The theft of the Heisman brings Miami and Ron into the domestic discord of the daughter and son-in-law of the Heisman winner. An interlude from the Heisman madness arrives in the form of a pro-bono case. A local man has gone missing, and a wife is mystified as to his whereabouts, but the conclusion is easy to jump to about the husband’s location.

Jones is forced to visit an old flame in regards to a possible lead on the Heisman case. He is butting heads with the local cops as well as Danielle’s ex-husband. Baker is not an easy case; he’s an irritation who belittles Jones’s secretary and threatens Jones. Jones is also on friendly terms with the criminal element, which helps in some ways but could potentially harm his work. The suspect is also escalating his criminal behavior, as a third Heisman victim was present for the theft and assaulted. Will Jones be able to stop the thefts before a murder occurs? Will he be able to discover the motives for the thefts? Will he get paid first? One will have to read to unearth an answer.

Stiff Arm Steal is a rollicking good read from AJ Stewart. This is a mystery with abundant humor and thrills. Jones is not your average gumshoe, and he never hides his flaws or humanity in solving a case. His cohorts are not lacking in humor or interest. The action is well written, dialogue is sharp, and the whodunit well revealed. This is an excellent entry to the mystery genre.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 272 pages
Publisher Jacaranda Drive Publishing
Publish Date 2013-Dec-15
ISBN 9780985945572 Buy this Book
Issue November 2017
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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