Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Rey’s Survival Guide

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What does it take to survive on an arid wasteland like Jakku when you’re all alone? It takes guts, ingenuity, and heart, all of which Rey has in spades. And for the first time, we get a glimpse into Rey’s day-to-day thoughts and experiences before being swept up in the lunacy and excitement of The Force Awakens in Rey’s Survival Guide.

How to dress, who to avoid, where to scavenge, how to build a home for yourself out of a fallen AT-AT… all of this and more is covered in style here. Drawings, schematics, and sketches accompany Rey’s stories and lessons (along with incidental comments along the way). Although this is a quick read, it is a richly detailed one.

Not only does the book add color to Rey’s experiences — both her skills and her sadness — but it makes her a more rounded, three-dimensional character, something that the movie didn’t really have time to do. She comes to life here in convincing fashion. (Plus there are some deft references to both the movie and the Before the Awakening companion book.

If the movie left you wanting more, Rey’s Survival Guide is a terrific place to start looking.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 96 pages
Publisher Reader's Digest
Publish Date 18-Dec-2015
ISBN 9780794435691 Buy this Book
Issue April 2016
Category Tweens


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