Spirit of the King

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Kerrigor roams in the dark shadows searching for vulnerable prey. He selects people in and around his kingdom to serve him while he harvests their souls. His orders are carried out by a group known as the shadowers. Kerrigor sees something special in Aria, and he quickly abducts the young girl and enslaves her. For thirteen years, Aria is held captive, her life force slowly being siphoned from her. Any desire to run is deterred by the mark Kerrigor placed on her. Kerrigor also possesses a charisma that lulls the unsuspecting to his side. All of this changes when Aria lets King Eli permeate her thoughts. King Eli is the antithesis to Kerrigor, the bane of Kerrigor’s existence. Eli places his mark on Aria’s forehead and the rejuvenation of her mind and body begins. She has escaped the clutches of total enslavement, fleeing with a chameleonic King Eli.

Uncertainty beckons as Aria wanders foreign territory. She is soon met by a group of soldiers from a rival kingdom. They are led by a brave man named Daven. The mark left by Eli distinguishes Aria as a possible ally, but the soldiers don’t trust her initially. Aria is taken to their kingdom of Corrinia. Aria is restless as she is living under restrictions in her new surroundings, forbidding her from carrying weapons or moving about freely. She is still vulnerable to Kerrigor’s charms, but now he must compete with Eli for her soul. Aria bridles at authority, she yearns to show her skills on the battlefield. She is a warrior in her heart. Kerrigor seeks to expand his empire, but Corrinia stands in his way. Kerrigor’s only desire is for control, gaining what he wants at the expense of anyone. No one will thwart his plans. At least, that’s what he tells himself. Yet, he underestimates Aria and her will at his own peril.

Spirit of the King aims to thrill with its opening salvos and succeeds on impact. The story skillfully weaves its narrative from start to finish with flights of fantasy interspersed with drama, humor, and romance. Aria distinguishes herself as a heroine in her deep resolve and strength. The battle for supremacy between King Eli and Kerrigor serves as a transfixing backdrop, from both an individual and larger spectrum. Fantasy fiction has a new worthy addition with Amy Hay’s wonderfully pleasing book. A literary escape worth taking in this year or the next.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 178 pages
Publisher Independently Published
Publish Date 06-Nov-2020
ISBN 9798695600193
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Issue January 2021
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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