Spiraling Upward: The 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise

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Women have gotten more empowered and represented in the past few years. They are now becoming decision-makers, but despite all these achievements, some women are not reaching their full potential. It’s not enough to rise in your career and business; there has to be all-around self-improvement. And it’s interesting that life doesn’t follow a straight path, but despite the ups and downs, we should follow the path going upward.

At twenty-four, Wendy had everything she could ever ask for: a successful company, a mansion, and a dedicated partner, but her life spiraled downward pretty soon. Like many others during the 1980s, she joined the party lifestyle, started taking drugs, and later got tested for lupus.

That was a turning point in her life, and the book chronicles her journey through recovery and transitioning. Growing up, she wanted to always get things right, but that was disastrous as it didn’t help her soul grow. She was very self-conscious and afraid of making mistakes. In the book, she encourages women to express themselves, not be wary of mistakes, and avoid self-criticism.

The spiral-up method teaches career women how to utilize the five co-creative powers—energy, thoughts, feelings, speech, and action. These powers will position them for greatness and help rebuild their lives. There are many success stories from people who have spiraled upward, which will motivate readers. What causes awakening in most people’s lives is when they experience a turning point, such as a breakup, accident, or loss, and you can choose to either break apart or be a better person.

The chapter titled “Author Your Thoughts” resonated with me the most. Gaining control of my thoughts is something I’ve been struggling with, and I found the thoughts checkup list very helpful. The author said something that I can’t forget: “Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and we can only exert so much control over the outside world.” It implies that we should take charge, not drown in self-pity, find the good in everything, and be grateful no matter what, because, in truth, we have no full control over the things that happen around us.

This book empowers women to work on themselves, improve every aspect of their lives, and be more successful. It also enables men to rise to the top and relate better with their female colleagues. The stories shared in the book make it more relatable, and I found the questions she asked at the end of each chapter thought-provoking. Spiraling Upward: The 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise by Wendy Wallbridge would be a fantastic read for every woman who wants to be empowered and live a more fulfilling life.

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Author Wendy Wallbridge
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 284 pages
Publisher Spiral Up Press
Publish Date 24-Jan-2024
ISBN 9798989519712
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Issue April 2024
Category Self-Help