Space Tripping

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Chuck never gave much thought to whether or not there was intelligent life on other planets until the question was answered for him in the shape of Joop, an inebriated alien who crash-landed on Earth and promptly tried to steal Chuck’s truck. Abruptly educated on the existence of intelligent (and highly inebriated) lifeforms, Chuck unexpectedly finds himself teamed up with his blustering, tough-guy truck-jacker in an effort to help pay off Joop’s debt to the universe’s most powerful corporation. Their job: an easy transport run to another planet. Except their cargo isn’t what they thought it would be, and the band of ruthless mercenaries that’s hunting them keeps cramping their style, especially while they’re trying to evade the interplanetary police force, all in an attempt to expose the most powerful being in the universe as a criminal.

Space Tripping has all the froody energy of a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy flashback while keeping a style and atmosphere all its own. There are plenty of aliens and weird technology to keep things interesting, even if the contents of a certain briefcase do remain a maddening mystery at the end. Grab yourself a towel and a drink and settle in for an enjoyable ride.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 265 pages
Publisher Inkshares
Publish Date 2017-Mar-07
ISBN 9781942645214 Buy this Book
Issue May 2017
Category Humor/Fiction


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