Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh

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Jordan Spencer has a girl, a one-night stand, spend the night and cook him breakfast. This rocks the thirty-six-year-old’s “space issues” to the core, since he realizes, surprise of all surprises, that he rather liked it. But this relationship-phobic orphan has friends, not girlfriends, and he likes it that way…at least, that’s what he says so he can sleep at night. Gabby and Chris are his best friends–the three of them meeting for happy hours, clubs, all the hot weekend hangouts. But when Gabby’s relationship with a doctor and Chris’s ever-on-the-edge sexual exploration gets a little too out there, Jordan finds himself alone at happy hour, and he doesn’t like it. All three friends then face the decision to fight for the family they’ve found in each other or let the friendship fade. Jordan, Chris, and Gabby all have to ask themselves important questions about themselves, their relationships, and how far they’ll go for their friends.

Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh is a journey through a year in the lives of a unique set of friends. In this year, they all go through tremendous changes that take them apart and back together, as Jordan, Gabby, and Chris learn about themselves and about each other, and learn to accept the changes in their friendships and in their relationships. It’s a story of love, laughter, pain, and friendship. This popular fiction novel is a male version of chick lit, exploring views on women, sex, and the emotional lives of men. It’s a quick, entertaining read, with quick chapters set to the soundtrack of Jordan’s life. “Sometimes ya gotta laugh, if just to keep from crying.”

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Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 05-Mar-2012
ISBN 9780615602158 Buy this Book
Issue June 2012
Category Popular Fiction


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