Sleepless: A Novel

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Sleepless is told mainly from the point of view of the main character Nadja. Nadja’s childhood is a very messy and abusive one and when her mother is found murdered, she is to blame. I found this book very hard to follow because the chapters go back and forth telling the reader about Nadja’s childhood but also her present-day life. However, the present-day scenario also toggles back and forth four or five years and it is really difficult to know what timeline we are in as the transitions are not smooth. Nadja’s boss is a lawyer who is representing a man named Paul who is accused of killing his mistress. At the beginning of the book, this part of the story is emphasized a lot, however, I felt like it really veered off from the main story of Nadja and her current predicament, which is helping to cover up another murder that has happened. Nadja herself is a very naive and mixed-up girl and to make matters worse, her boss is an evil man. This book was really all over the place and perhaps it is because it was translated from German. Overall, Sleepless was just an okay read.

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Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 330 pages
Publisher Flatiron Books
Publish Date 19-Oct-2021
ISBN 9781250824790 Buy this Book
Issue December 2021
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller