Short Poems, Long Tales

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Given the sheer volume of literature produced each year, it can sometimes be hard to find true works of such striking excellence as this tiny gem of a book. As the boundaries of conventional storytelling continue to progress in new exciting ways, there is a belief among readers that poetry is a lost art. That the work of poets is somehow less daunting than the typical novelist. This can be attributed to the virtue that all great poets make it look effortless. Happily, this book and the tenacious spirit of its author live up to the best attributes on the medium.

There is a transformational quality about the author’s text. The voices that spring out of every page seem to come from the mist of time and the furthest reaches of the human experience. Concepts are introduced in a rich easy flowing third person or a commanding first person, each rooted in finely crafted detail and masterful prose. As author Rashid Osmani openly admits, poetry is usually an ignored medium. It is one that many readers seem to overlook or regard with no strict measurements of quality. It is just too open-ended for some readers to allow them to latch on and become consumed under the poet’s spell. Some critics of poetry protest that the material is sometimes superficial and its creator’s tendencies to minimize the cultural relevance of some passages.

Again, happily, this book manages never to be pinned down. It’s filled with universal themes that are eternal to all who read them. This book and its author have managed to find a way to break through the stereotypes and present a compelling volume. Osmani never seems to overthink his concepts or prose. Some of these poems are so universal you can just imagine their exchanges, along with many different settings, across multiple generations, forming a communal language of emotions, morals, and culture. The themes of the poems ranging from soulful and uplifting to the common patterns of life. The primal tendencies of the human spirit, its fears of loneliness and separation, its association to tranquil places all help define this lovely book. Its author deserves heartfelt commendation from the readers for exposing such a wide range of emotions in such a courageous manner.

This is such a wonderful and engaging literary experience that can’t fail to bring you comfort and enjoyment. If your library is filled with Yeats and Frost, you will want this volume to rest beside it. If you are taking the first steps into the world of poetry, this is an entertaining entry. 

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 125 pages
Publisher Self-Published
Publish Date 2021-Mar-08
ISBN 9781609456115 Buy this Book
Issue April 2021
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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