Shadow of Deception – The Kazumi Chronicles Book 1

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She wakes up to the stench of burnt metal and charred bodies, the only survivor to a horrible plane crash. She wakes up later in the hospital with no memory of her past. She’s considered to possess a special gene, and is arranged to be sent for training to a secure facility, and so she lands the name Gabi in Sophia L. Johnson’s book Shadow of Deception, Book 1 of The Kazumi Chronicles.

Once inside, she meets Finnegan O’Riley, who then explains why she was here. People who possess the special gene have increased physical strength and stamina, hence are termed the ‘Sarcomeres’. They’re in contrast to their counterparts, the ‘Neuronics’ who have the ability to control minds and have been at war with Sarcomeres and have caused death and destruction in their quest for power. Gabi, with little to no memory of her own, accepts this fate and begins training. Her failure in basic training compels her to leave, when the Neuronics target the train station. She manages to save Finn, but becomes the victim of the Neuronics’ attack. Again surviving but mentally shaken, she is even more determined to train as a future Sarc. Her strength combined with Finn’s affections make her unbeatable, until one moment she’s jolted back to reality. She’s not Gabi, but Kazumi. A hyrbid between a Neuronic and a Sarc, she tries to understand the rivalry as her perception of the Sarcomeres is based on a stereotype and lies. Caught in a tussle between two forces, with her friends’ lives threatened, Kazumi struggles to maintain her loyalties and fights for personal liberty.

This book is a hybrid of ‘The Hunger Games trilogy’ and ‘Divergent’, and while it catches the essence of dystopian societies really well, the main character Kazumi initially seems immature and childish in her temper tantrums and jealousy towards other girls. Finn seems more inspired by the heartthrob in Divergent, but nevertheless the strong plot manages to cover up minor flaws. It is recommended as a one-time read for fans of dystopian fiction.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 362 pages
Publisher Outskirts Press
Publish Date 19-Apr-2015
ISBN Buy this Book
Issue July 2015
Category Young Adult


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