Sex Wars 2084, Book Three

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In a post-apocalyptic world where feminists have taken over and men are used solely for procreation, the Ultra-Feminist army is gathering to wipe out the rebel Wild Men and the other rebels that they have gathered. Of course, the so-called Wild Men are vastly outnumbered. But they, and especially their leader, Frederick, are the sole repositories of learning and culture, being well-read and versed in history (whereas the feminists deliberately disregard anything masculine or thought up by men, like reading history texts and living off the land), and they hope to use their wits to outmaneuver the Feminists. There are other forces in play, too, including an army of Warrior Women who want to capture the Wild Men as sex slaves. Along the way, Frederick and his followers convert brainwashed young people of both genders to their cause, recreate Woodstock (because who doesn’t like classic rock), try to learn about free love, and have sex with mutant cat girls.

The story is presented through lines of dialogue, much like a play, that vary from straightforward prose to awkwardly un-metrical rhymed verse. The stilted dialogue is interspersed with bits of first-person narrative from an observer character, Dominique, who also participates in the action. Grammatical errors abound, especially missing punctuation, which combine with the unusual format to make for a very unwelcoming read.

It is unclear exactly who this book is for. It takes itself far too seriously and dwells too much on preaching Frederick’s philosophies of manliness to be a parody, which would be the most positive way to read it. As serious sci-fi, this book would fall utterly short. There is little depth to the plot or the characters. Frederick, at the center of the story, preaches equality among genders and love and respect for women, but he is set up as the one educated person among a world of “psycho bitches” and drug-fueled horny men and mutants. Crowds of his followers are in awe of his ability to make mutant cat girls orgasm with mere words, and he manipulates those followers with drugs and tales of his sexual superiority. The derision throughout for anyone who falls short of Frederick’s intelligence and sexual prowess, from “city bitches” to “sissy boys” to mutant gorillas, shapes the book into an ultimately misogynistic survival/sex/superiority fantasy… which there is probably a market for, somewhere in the depths of the internet.

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Star Count 1/5
Format eBook
Page Count 172 pages
Publisher Amazon Kindle Direct
Publish Date 17-Apr-2014
ISBN Buy this Book
Issue January 2015
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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