Serafina and the Twisted Staff

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Serafina is back in the follow-up novel of the Serafina series in Serafina and the Twisted Staff. A few weeks after defeating the man in the black cloak, Serafina feels like she finally fits in. However, when she sees all the animals leaving the forest, Serafina begins to wonder if the evil has really left the grand estate. Throughout the novel a battle is looming for the possession of Biltmore in which Serafina and Braeden find themselves encountering the worst kind of evil, leading them to believe that there are darker forces at work than the man in the black cloak. By the end of the novel, Serafina soon discovers the long unsolved mystery behind her existence, an answer she has much anticipated.

Tucked inside the beautiful forests of North Carolina, the Biltmore Estate houses the Vanderbilt family, their servants, guests, and young Serafina. The stellar second installment, Serafina and the Twisted Staff has rivaled its predecessor through an imaginative storyline. Robert Beatty has yet again delivered a story that will live on in the hearts of young people through his inventive and creative storytelling.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Disney-Hyperion
Publish Date 2016-07-12
ISBN 9781484775035 Buy this Book
Issue July 2016
Category Tweens


  1. Kerri

    “Serafina and the Twisted Staff”: book two is an exciting, and unpredictable historical mystery series set in the mountains of Western North Carolina and the Biltmore Estate in the late 1800’s. The storyline does a magnificent job of connecting the reader to the struggles Serafina faces as she engages in the classic battle of good against evil. While facing her foes Serafina learns about herself, her relationships with friends and family, and her place in the world. She discovers her true identity and the truth of her heritage is revealed within the ‘coming of age’ elements of the tale. The geographically and historically accurate descriptions of the Appalachian mountains and the Biltmore Estate successfully transport the imaginations of young readers and enhances the knowledge of advanced readers providing an outstanding experience for all. “Serafina and the Twisted Staff” captures your interest in the first few pages, keeps a tight grip on your attention throughout, and resolves the important conflicts of the story, leaving wonderment about the endless possibilities for Serafina in future books. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the Serafina Advance Reading Team (SART) and found that Book Two, “Serafina and the Twisted Staff” boldly resolves many of the unanswered questions from Book One, but leaves the door wide open for Book Three. That is what makes a world class book series; anticipation and intrigue!

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