Selling to Heroes, Villains and Geeks

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When author Jill M. Lewis launched into the world of anime vendors, she was surprised to find there were no manuals or how to’s on getting started in the field. With an MBA from Columbia University and 25 years of experience in the marketing field, Lewis knew how to apply herself to a goal and blazed her own successful path into the field of anime vending. Once she had established herself, she decided to write a book to help others launch successfully into the field.

Selling to Heroes, Villains and Geeks is beautifully laid out in easy-to-follow chapters with insightful comments on what to do and what not to do, with personal examples of vendor failures and successes. Lewis divides her book into three parts: The Cardinal Rules, Business Battle Plan Blueprint, and Initiate Launch Sequence. Each section propels the reader forward until they are ready to launch their own booth as a vendor. Throughout, Lewis gives inside tips on everything from going beyond breaking even in sales to finding and using the best suppliers in the U.S., Japan and China. The book is also peppered with photos of merchandise examples and Lewis’ own behind the scenes look at her booth set up. The most helpful aspect of the book however is that it requires the reader to do homework exercises and research as well as setting up a budget and plan of business before they start selling in order to avoid major pitfalls.

Though definitely a niche book, Selling to Heroes, Villains and Geeks appears to be the only one of its kind on the market, and given its easy-to-follow information, it promises to be the go-to book for anyone interested in the field. For those looking to sell to anime fans, this book isn’t just a good option, it is a must-have invaluable guide.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 201 pages
Publisher Anime Vendor
Publish Date 17-Sep-2015
ISBN 9780996453608 Buy this Book
Issue December 2015
Category Business & Investing


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