Seeing the Light

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Seeing the Light is the story of Rhea Kosmo, the only girl in a family with three boys. Growing up on the Central Coast of California, Rhea is a tomboy, earning the ironic nickname “Princess” for her complete disregard for personal appearance. Rhea is self-absorbed and demanding, traits she doesn’t grow out of, but that only increase with time. She does not tolerate weakness in others; she refuses to use drugs or alcohol and becomes hostile in conflicts with her family over their charitable giving. It isn’t until Rhea has a personal crisis that she begins to grow out these traits and develop some compassion.

In this short, well-crafted novel, Chen creates a set of believable characters facing difficult situations and rising above them. While this is a coming-of-age novel, Rhea’s growth and learning are common life transitions. The move from narcissistic to tolerant young adult, often through a personal crisis or two, is something most of us experience. Seeing the Light illustrates this in a well-written and entertaining way.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 156 pages
Publisher iUniverse
Publish Date 30-Nov-2009
ISBN 9781440184260 Buy this Book
Issue May 2010
Category Popular Fiction


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