Saving Babe Ruth

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Anyone who has ever had a kid in a community sports program like Babe Ruth or Little League knows such organizations work because dedicated parents spend countless volunteer hours, and they all have the welfare of the kids in mind. Right? Well, maybe not always. Sometimes there are other agendas at play.

David Thompson loves three things: his family, Civil War history, and baseball. He thinks every kid should have a chance to play baseball. But something strange is going on in Indigo Valley, David’s home for his entire life. This is where he made is life with his wife, Annie, and his son, Christy, named for the great pitcher, Christy Mathewson. This is a baseball family. David is transitioning out of his elder-law practice but isn’t sure what will come next for him, so he throws himself into the Babe Ruth League season, preparing and protecting their gem of a field. Some folks, led by asleazy Rob Barkus, have started an expensive travel baseball league and are stealing the best talent from the Babe Ruth teams. Now they want to steal the field too. David takes a stand against them, and they do everything they can to undermine him and make his life a misery. Unfortunately, they are not above dragging David’s family through the mud along with him. But David has some allies, including Annie, who has a way of getting David to be smart in his dealings with the enemy.

Tom Swyers has written a compelling, realistic novel based on true events. This is a page turner with excitement and mystery driving readers through to the conclusion. There are some point of view shifts, and a round of editing would benefit this book, but overall this is a story mystery fans and baseball fans alike will find very satisfying.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher Hillcrest House Publishing
Publish Date 20-Jun-2014
ISBN 9781941440001 Buy this Book
Issue August 2014
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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