Sanctum Illusions: Shadow Havens Book 4

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The fourth installation of the Shadow Havens series is chock full of surprises and plot twists. It contains several storylines that will all lead up to a powder keg of events in the next book. While the main focus of the book is on Kya and Meniari and their growing relationship, we also get to see a lot of Circe and Sebastien, Tamuel and Amya, Rachel and Fortune, Xavier and Ilea, and finally Sebastien’s first mate Sabine. The subplots of all these supporting characters give the story a wonderful depth and dimension. It also helps propel the story forward by building an almost obscene level of anticipation for what will come next.

Kya and Meniari have found happiness with each other that they never dreamed possible. That dream is shattered when one of Meniari’s exes shows up determined to win him back. With the help of Xavier and Fortune, Ilea is trying to clean up Sebastien’s clubs. Tamuel comes to the Grey’s to end his life, but once he meets Amaya, he struggles with returning to the angelic realm or staying with the one woman who has touched his heart. Circe’s strange request for Sebastien’s body at the end of Sanctum Retribution is brought to light. Her obsession with him and plot to avenge his death brings trouble to Saint Rushton that neither Haven could anticipate. All of this converges into an almost unbearable level of tension while the danger to everyone involved reaches a fever pitch. The alliance between the Havens forged by the Greys and Ilea is highlighted as they join forces to help protect each other from Circe and her demented plan for revenge.

While book four does start out a little slow, once the pace picks up it, it moves at a blistering pace that will leave readers flipping the pages late into the night, because they will not be able to put it down until it ends. This one does end on more of a cliffhanger than the previous books, but that will only make you want to run out and pick up book five immediately. Sanctum Illusions is an awesome addition to the series!

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 295 pages
Publish Date 15-Mar-2014
ISBN 9781456613839 Buy this Book
Issue June 2014
Category Romance


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