Saguaro’s Gifts

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It’s Saguaro’s one-hundredth birthday, and all those who’ve benefited from its presence in the dry hills where survival is an eternal challenge come to celebrate and pay gratitude to this resilient friend of theirs. The owl swoops down to find his resting place among its sharp spines, and bees, butterflies, and doves fly in to savor Saguaro’s sweetness. An old tortoise searches for fallen fruit, and a finch creates a nest in Saguaro’s thick stem. A bobcat climbs high on Saguaro, and a lizard comes with well wishes. In the midst of all the activity, Saguaro’s seeds are scattered, so that someday new life will begin.

This is a poignant story about reciprocity, thankfulness, and longevity. It’s about giving back to those who’ve been tried and true over a lifetime. It’s also a testimony to nature and the amazing gifts it offers so freely.

Scripted font and a glossy cover add a rich elegance; the text is aesthetically beautiful. The illustrations are displayed in gorgeous hues and are crafted with precision. The illustrator’s experience in tropical rain forests proves valuable to his contribution. Combined with the author’s elegant prose and heartfelt message, this is a masterpiece that’ll be favored by children and adults alike.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Sleeping Bear Press
Publish Date 15-Aug-2021
ISBN 9781534111301 Buy this Book
Issue September 2021
Category Children's