Sacred Cow: The Case for (Better) Meat

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Meat consumption has been demonized.

From beef to seafood, eggs to chicken, (all of which the authors say should be called meat or simply animal protein) the claim here is that we are not eating enough of it.

Humans will continue eating until they achieve satiation. Satiated, they will stop eating. Hence the weight losses associated with the famous Atkins and Paleo diets? Animal protein is not only very satiating but the most nutrient-dense macronutrient.

Rodgers and Wolf make the cogent point that so-called studies of the deleterious effects of meat are all too often either ignoring associative factors (humorously, hot dog eating associated with big buns, chips, beer, or big sodas). Or they are simply attempting to validate current popular biases!

Both authors have nutrition clients in their practices. They concur on the idea that dietary solutions should be tailored to the individual. And they offer sober consideration of historically prejudicial trends, quasi-scientific and political. Sadly, funding for research has frequently been directed by food industry lobbyists.

Happily noticeable in this thorough treatment is its objectivity. Where no evidence manifests for something the writers personally advocate, they say so.

Every parent, dietician, and metabolically challenged person should own and read this book!!

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 328 pages
Publish Date 2020-Jul-14
ISBN 9781948836913 Buy this Book
Issue February 2021
Category Cooking, Food & Wine


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