Rone Isa

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Robin Murarka has delivered a tour-de-force in the provocative, daring Rone Isa. The story follows Dargaud Whispa, an inventor of sorts, who creates what some may describe as the ultimate being. Enoya, as the being self-proclaims, comes to demonstrate exceptional talents and abilities that solve a variety of unsolved crimes. Through the system’s analysis, an array of details are compared and analyzed to develop more thorough, comprehensive conclusions. Enoya expands beyond her crime-solving capabilities to develop awe-inspiring works of art, including musical and film compositions. Together, Whispa and Enoya’s fame and prominence grow. As the eminence takes over, Whispa finds himself far from the streets and lifestyle where he began. With Enoya, “Dargaud was no longer Dargaud… no longer the man from Damascus. No longer a poor boy, fighting the currents.” He found fame, wealth, and passion beyond his greatest wants and desires. But magnificent gifts, come at a significant price. Along the way, Whispa faces challenging questions that force him to deeply consider who loves him and who has their own agenda. Does Enoya have her own agenda? How could a system have an agenda? As Whispa struggles to get to the bottom of things, he entertains a number of stunning, brilliant ladies who share their insights and perceptions. With this information, perhaps Whispa will see what sits before his very eyes before it becomes too late. Only time will tell if Whispa sorts out these questions in time to save the people he loves. Murarka will have readers applauding Whispa one minute and chastising him the next. He is a grounded character that readers will appreciate and understand. Murarka has assembled a work that provides a little bit of something for every reader. Murarka has engaged a number of subject matters to create an engaging, imaginative narrative. With hints of romance and espionage, Murarka has woven together an undeniably forceful storyline. This is a futuristic, stimulating science-fiction novel that will enthrall readers from the very first page. Ideal for a mature audience, the book includes several intimate, graphic encounters that will leave adept readers’ salivating. Murarka’s erotic scenes are breathtaking and capture the voracity of Whispa’s appetite. The piece compellingly garners five stars for its innovative storyline and well-rounded characters. Sit down and read Rone Isa today. This is a book readers will enjoy reading time and again. Keep an eye out for future works by Robin Murarka. This is one author we do not want to miss!

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 273 pages
Publisher Robin Murarka
Publish Date 01-Aug-2021
ISBN 9780646817651 Buy this Book
Issue June 2021
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy