Rockin’ the Boat: 50 Iconic Revolutionaries – From Joan of Arc to Malcom X

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As long as we’ve had government, we’ve had revolutionaries: those who fight the establishment, either to rehabilitate it or to dismantle it to make way for something better. And although many revolutionaries fail to meet their lofty goals, they still become icons, martyrs, role models to those who would follow their example and pursue a new regime, achieve a new normal.

Rockin’ the Boat is a history of those who wanted to make history or change it, all of whom left a mark on a local or a global level. Fleischer progresses chronologically through history, not only exploring the evolving tactics employed by revolutionaries, but building an amalgamated history of revolution as he progresses across continents and decades, chronicling everyone from Martin Luther and Judah Maccabee to Spartacus and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

While some of these revolutionaries are more iconic than others — and some more commonly celebrated than others — Fleischer gives them equal treatment, saving any snarky, tongue-in-cheek commentary for photo captions only. John Brown and Mao Zedong are given the same fair shake as Nelson Mandela and Harriet Tubman.

Rockin’ the Boat is unlikely to spark any revolutions, but it is an excellent resource for rebellion-minded history buffs.

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Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher Zest Books
Publish Date 2015-Mar-03
ISBN 9781936976744 Buy this Book
Issue May 2015
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