RISKY BUSINESS IN RISING CHINA: Deals, Ordeals and Lessons Learned as an American Entrepreneur in a Surging Superpower Grappling with Growing Pains

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Embark on a historical journey in Mark Atkeson’s riveting memoir that depicts an American businessman’s career in China. In Risky Business in Rising China, Mark tells stories about his business operations and stay in China spanning four decades and shares his observations of the country’s economic and societal changes, as well as where it appears to be heading. From difficult work goals to the challenges of a country that’s experiencing two contrasting realities, Atkeson’s unique perspective and his rich experiences are shared thoughtfully in his fantastic memoir.

Memoirs are great for many reasons—one of which is the inspiring stories they offer. Risky Business in Rising China is a refreshing example of this, as Mark is projected as someone who does what is required of him, whether he has to deal with corruption and stealing employees or forge a joint venture at Beijing Airport. His ability to blend in and learn the ropes in various industries is proof that we are only limited by our mindsets, and a flexible, positive perspective can take you to incredible highs and adventures.

Apart from his business moves, readers get to follow the author’s insightful thoughts on China, such as the sharp contrast between ambitious youths and the older generation, who appear more conservative and cautious about change. The smart observations are rooted in logic and detailed stories about Mark’s work and life overseas. Additionally, his managerial efforts and the moves he made to keep businesses running are laid out in an intricate and deeply engaging manner. These stories offer various wise lessons for the reader who seeks to broaden their knowledge on business, working with others, or leading a group of people—even in foreign environments and cultures.

While it’s written in the first person like most memoirs, the book delivers an elaborate analysis of China’s changing world. It is not solely focused on the author’s personal experiences but embraces an analytic and all-encompassing view that speaks to both the past, the present, and the future. Thought-provoking themes like an aging population, corruption, change, political laws, and freedom make up the richly informative book.

Mark’s story is a journal of culture shock and setbacks met with flexibility and determination. It reminds us that our cultural influences and the world we are mostly exposed to are a big part of who we are, and witnessing various cultures will help broaden our perspectives and deepen our sense of empathy. Reading Risky Business in Rising China is one way to achieve this since its thoughtful pages offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience various cultures and learn from history in a book that’s garnished with lyrical, mentally engaging words.

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Author Mark Atkeson
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 315 pages
Publisher Self-Published
Publish Date 20-Oct-2023
ISBN 9798989102501
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Issue April 2024
Category Non-Fiction