Rise: How to Be Really Successful at Work AND Like Your Life

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Meet Patty Azzarello, a sharply witty businesswoman and mentor who has discovered, and decided to enlighten us with, the secrets to loving your work while maintaining a life worth living. In her experience she has ascended, and struggled, which is what makes this contribution so readable. She doesn’t just tell us what to do, she shows us what she has done and what has worked well, along with the cases that haven’t been such triumphs (read: her beginnings as an artist turned electrical engineer). In this easy-to-follow and fun to read guide, she has created a recipe for success.

Rise is packed with key insights that truly rock the foundation of individual and corporate thinking, “No one cares how hard you work. It’s about results. Not taking vacation is not something to be proud of, nor is it a precursor to great success. This is really only a sign of being so out of control at work that you are demonstrating you are someone who can’t plan and prepare enough to take a week off.” She also incorporates bold headings and tightly succinct chapters making this one writer/businesswoman you want as a climbing partner, a spotter. This is far more than the average business field guide; it is nitty-gritty inspiration at its finest.

Azzarello’s writing style must be taken note of. It is such a rarity to tiptoe into the business section, thirsting for knowledge but dreading the sandpaper taste of so many of the selections. That is not what you will find here. This woman is cleverly humorous. She not only fills us in on how to DO Better, LOOK Better, and CONNECT Better, in order to find the right footing between working and living, she adds in a promise from the beginning: her recipe for a tuna sandwich, and, additionally, she has tucked in little language gems throughout. She has taken a topic which could have easily spelled out: Caution- Slippery Hazard, and placed us on even ground, a place with a much broader and brighter view.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher Newton Park Publishing
Publish Date 18-Nov-2010
ISBN 9780615415772
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Issue April 2011
Category Business & Investing


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