Ride the Snake Road: Beamo Roamer’s Hard Core Jaunt to the Wasteland (The Adventures of Beamo Roamer Book 1)

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The world is still a mess in the aftermath of Doomtime. A combination of self-inflicted atrocities and a powerful plague led to a reduction in the world’s population, leaving human civilization in shambles. Against this backdrop, we see Beamo Roamer excited about the prospect of finding the Lost Fort Knox gold and becoming the first scavenge man to windfall past the Gate into Heights Bluff. Beamo meets both allies and enemies on his journey as he faces various daunting dangers. He agrees to guide the Sawbird Gang through the Blills’ gauntlet using the Snake Road that runs past the Giant Four Faces and is accompanied by Little Bit, the girl leader of a ruthless bank-robbing gang.

Ride the Snake Road by LeRoy Wow takes readers on a scavenger’s perilous adventure in a world of maddening chaos and deadly desperation. Beamo’s journey is not for the weak, and he must face Mutant Angels, ruthless fighters, booby-trap tech-goblin drones, and intimidating power struggles.

LeRoy’s writing is highly creative and vividly descriptive. Whether the story depicts the peculiarities of the characters or the physical appearance of the weird creatures, the book’s lyrical language paints glaring pictures in the reader’s mind. I shuddered at the thought of actually seeing a tech goblin with “at least ninety feet long, two horns, one above each eye” and a massive black tarantula. Additionally, the brilliant worldbuilding allows readers to be deeply immersed in it. Prepare for fascinating details about Doomtime, such as the hard famine that caused food scarcity and led to dependence on traditional farming knowledge.

Several past events are recalled throughout the story. This offers readers a chance to gradually understand how the protagonist’s personality is shaped by his previous experiences. I deduced that losing relatives in a gruesome way must have contributed to the protagonist’s toughness and bravery.

I disliked that in many of the conversations, the names of the speakers were not clearly stated, and I was often confused about which of the characters were speaking. Also, the missions and actions felt quite sporadic, making the story appear to lack continuity.

Nevertheless, I had a blast with Ride the Snake Road. The book’s smooth blend of captivating action, spontaneous sex, and monstrous villains engenders a deeply immersive experience. It reminds me of chaotic, action-packed movies like Mad Max and Crank. Reading LeRoy’s book is a fantastic way to enjoy the unpredictability of collapsed civilization from the safety of your home. Enjoy!

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Author LeRoy Wow
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 353 pages
Publisher Wolf-Wise Press
Publish Date 19-Mar-2024
ISBN 9780964074743
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Issue May 2024
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy