Ride Rough: A Raven Riders Novel

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Obsessed! Laura Kaye has me once again addicted to the men of The Raven Riders. How could I not when Laura Kaye continues to give readers like myself swoonworthy protective alpha heroes with heart. Yes, the Raven Riders are your completely different MC bikers. First, their personalities are a riot, and secondly, they have this hard exterior but have this compassionate and protective nature that pulls you in. And let me just say, Maverick Rylan won me over big time.

“If she needed him, he’d be ready. That was all he knew. And for now, that would be enough.”

Ride Rough was sexy, raw, beautiful, and emotional. This book hits you hard as Laura Kaye provides layers and layers of depth of vulnerability, second chances, love, passion, and new beginnings. She allows readers to feel for her characters as they navigate through their feelings for one another.

Maverick Rylan is the VP of Raven Riders. His life revolves around his brothers, his family, the MC, and, most importantly, Alexa Harmon. Alexa is and will always be the one woman who has owned his heart. Five years of separation could not extinguish the torch he has for her. And so when Maverick learns that Alexa is in trouble and is in an unhealthy emotionally abusive relationship, Maverick will stop at nothing in protecting her.

Alexa Harmon walked away from Maverick when her brother died. Feeling lost, she wanted to start anew. A new life. Fast forward to the present, Alexa should be happy with the life that she has built. She is finishing up with school, has a job and a very wealthy fiance. But soon Alexa will realize that means nothing when you are not happy. When Alexa decides to end her engagement, she turns to the one man who has stood by in the shadows, patiently waiting for her. Maverick Rylan.

“And even though they lay there perfectly still, perfectly peaceful—at least for that one moment—Maverick realized that Alexa Harmon was the best fucking ride of his life. And he never wanted it to end.”

Maverick and Alexa’s relationship can be summed up as magnetic. Their chemistry and love for each other was something that couldn’t be erased after several years of separation. The love Maverick has for Alexa runs so deep. He would do anything to make her happy and that could be said for Alexa as well. Seriously, their love was explosive. It was burning bright, fueled by passion, love, truth, honesty, and vulnerability. But what happens when Alexa’s ex-fiance tries to destroy and control Alexa’s life? Will Maverick be able to protect Alexa in time?

“Because underneath it all, Maverick had still been there. At the heart and soul of her. Waiting for her to see the truth. Waiting for her to feel it. Her truth.”

There is just something so organic in the way Laura Kaye tells a story. She paces everything in a fluid manner and as such allows the readers to see and feel her characters and their flaws, strengths, and hopes. As for Alexa Harmon, she is not your wallflower kind of heroine as she discovers that happiness is one call–or in this case, one ride–away. As for Maverick Rylan, hearts will swoon for this hero. He was rough around the edges but a total sweetheart. So if you are looking for an MC story that beautifully blends raw emotions as the backbone of this book, then Ride Rough is the book for you.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Mass
Page Count 480 pages
Publisher Avon
Publish Date 2017-Apr-25
ISBN 9780062403384
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Issue May 2017
Category Romance


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