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When humans finally visit a far-off world, there will be no escape from our basic traits. No matter what the future holds, jealousy, trust and greed will always be with us, and Roland Allnach knows this. In the debut book, Remnant: An Anthology, he brings us thoughtful tales of conflict and the folly of being human. The book is the combination of three short tales, “All the Fallen Angels,” “Enemy, I Know You Not” and “Remnant.”

While the three are set in different places, all carry on a continuing message–a message that the past will always affect our future. The relatable themes also make reading the book a personal journey of the human condition. It is hard not to read it and think, “If I was in Peter’s place, what would I do?” I also enjoyed the use of exploring the concept of what makes us human. Many of the stories deal with the issue of the “natural state” and how memory makes us who we are–issues that can only be truly explored in the science fiction genre.

Out of the three short stories, “Remnant” left a huge impression on me. The story revolves around survivors of a devastating plague. The dynamics of the world and the philosophical subject matter explored was outstanding. It was chilling how real the characters felt and how naturally the plot progressed. It was like reading the diary of a survivor, and it was very intimate. I liked it so much that I hope the world of “Remnant” will be revisited sometime in the future. Allnach’s writing style can be described as smart, elegant, and addicting, and you will find yourself deep into the story before you know it. Remnant: An Anthology is an accomplishment of a book for both die-hard fans and those new to science fiction genre.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 209 pages
Publisher All Things That Matter Press
Publish Date 13-Nov-2010
ISBN 9780984629701 Buy this Book
Issue April 2011
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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