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LGBT is not a taboo topic like it used to be twenty years ago. It is a topic that is more open, more approachable, and somehow more definable than it used to be. In one area that it is becoming easier to talk about this topic is in comics, and independent comic creators, who are able to talk about their experiences, ideas, passions, and despair in a medium that many people can understand, read, and be able to relate to, even if they are not part of the scene. This work brings together 33 creators in one volume about people who are not part of the great society, who do not follow the gender norms as it were. They forge a path that they must follow, along with all the heartbreak and despair that will come with it. While many people might not identify with this book, it is an important step in American culture and society, as a way of acceptance, and not being viewed as someone who is diseased. Some stories are better than others, and some are more artistic. But each has a story to tell, a part of life that many of us do not know quite yet.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 264 pages
Publisher Northwest Press
Publish Date 2014-Jan-01
ISBN 9781938720369
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Issue March 2014
Category Sequential Art


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