Puff: All About Air (A Science Pals Book)

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Puff is a tiny bit of air who, along with all of his friends, surrounds our planet and protect it from space rocks and radiation. Puff and his friends help regulate our temperature and, when they move, create wind. When Puff carries Drop, a bit of water, we have rain. And when Drop carries Puff into the ocean, life can breathe underwater. Puff also gives us oxygen from plants and carries our carbon dioxide to plants.

Puff is everywhere! He even mixes with soil so living things underground can breathe. Puff is what all airborne creatures float on. Sometimes Puff spins out of control in a tornado when hot and cold air mix too fast, but he usually moves gently, sometimes spreading pollen and seeds to create new life.

Emily Kate Moon has cleverly conveyed fairly advanced STEM concepts in a fun, understandable way. Her illustrations are lovely and make the concepts all the more accessible. This is a great book to open children’s eyes to the world around them and would make a great choice for any budding young scientist.

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Author Emily Kate Moon
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Penguin Young Readers Group
Publish Date 19-Mar-2024
ISBN 9780593617960
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Issue June 2024
Category Children's