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Prisons are usually warehouses of people convicted of crimes, separated from society for a period of time as punishment for whatever they did. One of the big questions most inmates face is how they will manage after release in finding work and being able to support themselves or their families. The federal and state prison systems are pretty good at making GED training and testing available, but once you get that, opportunities for work training or higher education are almost non-existent. And, considering education is one of the keys to helping ex-felons to find and keep jobs, one would think that it would be an important function for the prison systems. But other than the GED, education is almost entirely left up to the inmates and their families on the outside.

The Prison Education Guide is a one-stop resource for correspondence programs available to inmates. With several hundred programs outlined with contact information, costs, payment plans, degrees available and more, an inmate can find plenty of options to fit their interests and needs. Sections on applying for financial aid, accreditation, certification programs, and job hunting provide even more value to the inmates wanting to improve their situation on release. Well organized and written, The Prison Education Guide is a critical tool for helping transition an inmate with limited or no education, get prepared for release, and be ready to find a better career. It’s one of those books that probably should be in every prison library for general reference, but until it is, at least inmates can order it and start their education themselves.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 280 pages
Publisher Prison Legal News Publishing
Publish Date 2016-Mar-01
ISBN 9780981938530 Buy this Book
Issue January 2017
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